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Consumer Reports – “as little as 20% of the Ink ever reaches the paper..”

It's enough that printer ink might be the most expensive liquid you buy. Even the cheapest ink, at about $13 an ounce, costs more than, say, fine Champagne, while the priciest, at about $75 an ounce, is more costly than,… Continue reading

Will my printer work with Windows 8

A new Windows Operating System is essentially Russian roulette for your printer, sometimes rendering it useless until the manufacturer finally makes the new drivers available. To help you we have provided links to some manufacturer's web sites where you can… Continue reading

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Printer

1) Will I need it for general purpose or special purpose


The vast majority of printers on the market are general purpose (they are good for doing a little bit of everything). Special purpose printers are designed to do… Continue reading

Page Yield ????

Whether you are buying a genuine, compatible, or remanufactured cartridge an important consideration should always be how many pages can I print from the cartridge.


Now Mr. Mc Scrooge would meticulously keep a record of each and every printed… Continue reading

How to Maximize the Use of Canon, HP, Epson, Brother, Lexmark and Other Ink Cartridges

With operating costs in the workplace and at home rising, maximizing the use of ink cartridges is a must. It doesn’t matter if you have a Canon, HP, Epson, Lexmark or Brother printer, being smart can help you extend the… Continue reading

intelligent’ printers that ramp up ink costs

Take a look at this recent article in the Irish Press – It's the same thing here in Canada good people !!




The intelligent "chipped" printers and copiers which have recently been brought to market by well-known… Continue reading

Why Printers Use Your Coloured Cartridge To Make Black


Those of you with colour printers may have noticed that your levels of coloured ink drop, even if you only use black ink for printing text. This is because modern printers use coloured ink for every print job they… Continue reading

Keep your inkjet printer clean


Keep your inkjet printer clean ! Nothing is as frustrating as when you have to print an important document or photograph and you see faded regions, black lines, or faded text. Most of the time, these issues can easily… Continue reading

 Saving Money on your Printing Costs


1: Separate cartridge slots


Own a printer that employs tri-colour cartridges? Well stop! Purchase one with individual cartridge slots for each colour, and reap the rewards of minimizing your waste. No… Continue reading

Tips to clean ink & toner off:
If your hands or clothes become stained with toner, wash them with lukewarm water and soap. For clothes, simply brush off outside in the open air. Do not wash toner-stained clothes in… Continue reading